Entrepreneurial Finance

Our two day modules to learn finances was taught by Simon Hulme. I love numbers, they are certain structures that can give a constant answer to a question. However, you need to know the questions before you answer. I was completely unfamiliar with cash flow chart, profit and loss sheets, balance sheets, and pricing.   … Continue reading Entrepreneurial Finance



Today we me Dr. Marvyn Boastwain, senior lecturer in marketing.­ There are a variety of focuses for marketing; geographic, behavioural, segmentation, demographic, or psychographic. I was intrigued by a debate we had about water bottles. The paradox of value has been described to compare water with a diamond. Which one has more value? This is … Continue reading Advertising


I immediately had to question, what is the difference between strategy and plan? On the brief it told us “Strategy is an overused concept with lots of misperceptions about what makes strategy and what does not. We will establish to a common understanding of what strategy is and whether there are different types of strategies … Continue reading Strategy