Design Museum

After our morning class, the entire class of Design Thinking went to Kensington, London. There we experienced the Design Museum’s exhibit of Design makers. Throughout the exhibit was a variety of different inventions or solutions to an issue.

Our entrance began with a goal. After having the chance to see other museums for other classes we realized we need to not just “enjoy the view,” but take into consideration the why. The mystery of how each person created a solution to an issue is to be analyzed in this Museum.

A Variety of topics of

  • Home Cooking
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • AI
  • Political Understanding
  • Environmental Awareness
  • History of what has evolved


The prototype that stood out to me when I sauntered through the gallery. The first was the difficulties of transportation. I, myself, have experienced new struggles with transportation. At home, I commonly use my car for transportation more than a train, bus, or even bike. I love driving. It is a sense of independence and freedom to me. However, I chose not to learn how to drive here because it would create a new complication to my temporary life as a student. It’s a responsibility that was not something I needed because of how easy the train systems are to access. However, I learned that means I need to always have a ticket or Oyster Card on hand. The creation at the Design Museum was putting your oyster card as you nails. When jumping on a bus you just tap with you hand instead of struggle for your card or feel safe on train from pick-pocketers since you don’t need to open up your bags for a card.

Obviously, there are difficulties with this, but it was very neat to see how someone tried to solve a universal problem.

My second curiosity of a solution the gallery of cameras. Of course, as a photographer I was drawn to this topic. Hysterically I actually saw cameras that I grew up with on display. The history of improvement of a camera is tremendous. My experience was both focused on the creative technical changes each decade, but also the reactions and stories people around me had. I took this as a bit of a social experiment and curiosity to bond with my classmates. I wanted to learn why they said, “I never seen something like that before” or “that item was considered the norm back in my day.” I empathized with their perspectives and appreciated the creative minds I was surrounded by.



Photos taken by Kijsuchon Niyomsataya 


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