Eureka Business Goal

We had the team we knew some steps how to start, but what in the world was our business about. We needed a purpose.

It happened one morning before class. Amanjot and I were walking to class and she told me of an idea. After our experience with the wheelchair in class (See BodyStorming blog), the topic of helping someone was key in her mind. Starting a new job downtown at a café, she noticed in her café that everyday there are many customers that are in wheelchairs. There was a struggle to find a surface for their cups of coffee or lunch.

The idea we created on our walk was a tray table for wheelchair uses.

We had to differentiate from the current market and make it interesting. This includes making it:

  • Lightweight
  • Collapsible
  • Sturdy

Our research started by comparing to ideas. We looked at foldable fans, slap bracelets, and other means to get ideas.

With these ideas, we learned how we wanted it to fold, shaped, as well where to focus our market.

Once ideas were sinking in, we had to think of practicality.

What materials do we need?

How is the design going to work?

What are we going to need to prepare for it?

TO me the design is going to be the most difficult. If we are following the three components of Lightweight, collapsible, and sturdy out design needs to be quite intricate.

However, as we were recommended by Janja, we want to also make sure to keep things simple. If we get things too complicated then our initial aim wont be successful in our lean start up.


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