Body Storming


We’ve now learn the stages of design thinking (See Creativity Bonds Us).

Time to take it into action.

Today we did some body storming. There are three types of bodystorming;

  1. “The first of these is the idea of working the space or place in which the product you are designing will ultimately be used” (Schleicher, 47).
  2. “A second bodystorming methodology is what we call “strong prototyping” in the space or place in which the product or service will be used” (Schleicher, 47).
  3. The third methodological variant and most popular form of bodystorming is what we call “use-case theater” [2]. This involves prototyping the space and place of your product’s use by employing living personas
    or “actors” and “props” (Schleicher, 47-48).

Today in class we experienced bodystorming by going through a task. Our mission was to experience what it is like to be in a wheelchair and need to go to the toilet stalls. As a group, one of us was nominated to sit in the chair and adventure to through the university hallways. I was lucky enough to be that one.

My experience

When I was on that chair, I already felt like I was different. Unfortunately, the chair is something that everyone pays attention to. My mission was to visit three different restrooms in as if they were taken. First room I went to was to the large collaborative loo with multiple stalls. I realize after that someone in a proper wheel chair would not go to this restroom due to the fact it was not made for the disabled. I continued to the next disabled around the corner. However, I already was coming into some difficulties which would be something to overcome in the next couple visits to the disabled stalls. This was how heavy the doors were. Since I have to visit three disables stalls, there was multiple hallway doors to go through. These doors were EXTREMELY heavy. Each door took a lot of strength to open and do not have any buttons to opens for someone without that strength. By the time my team and I returned to the class I truthfully was exhausted and a bit irritated. If I was in this position for real I would be nervous about the doors and irritated how is something was unavailable I would have to wait a long time in the public hallway or adventure very far to find one.


Now that we empathized and defined the problem it was time to ideate a design. We logically realized we probably cannot change the architecture. Our collaborated design as a team to create a designed map app that not only locates the best way for the user and also notifies you when one is available.


Schleicher, D., Jones, P., & Kachur, O. (2010). Bodystorming as embodied designing. Interactions, 17(6), 47-51.


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