Brand Management

This two part class was very challenging today. The first part was very key to understanding branding with guest speaker Professor of Brand Management, Francesca Dall’Olmo Riley. We learned what can brand and this was almost feeling to be endless. You can brand a person, a country, and idea.

Once we identified familiar brand, we started to define the terminology such as brand positioning, frame of reference, points of parity, points of Differences and brand mantra.

All of these ideas we utilize for our second part of the class. This is when truth I had the biggest challenge. We brought A1 paper into the class to create a brand of ourselves. Our assignment before was to come to class with a job position that you might want and what qualifications you would or have. This sounds easy, now it was time to explain how these key terminologies have an effect on how you present yourselves. I had to interpret who I was, what I could give. Self reflection is not easy, but it can be interesting to learn about yourself.


I chose to present my bran toward a job working for FOOD52 as a food and lifestyle photographer. As you see below in the photo I orgazined to show my offers with the design of an instragm page since that is FOOD52’s maim popularized media. I had focused a lot of my eagerness and creativity. However, whe. Presented I was reminded by Janja, my professor, of a quality I took for granted for if aspiring for a job like this. Not only do I have the knowledge of photography and good customer skills, but I also can cook and have an interest to cook. I did not even think that this was something that I should mention because it’s my hobby. This is still me hobbies, interests, knowledge is all part of my brand.


Brand shows the value in everything.


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