Failure is a good thing

This is a book I have read many a times over the past few months. Perfect enough for me is that since I have an hour and a half commute which includes lots of walking and preparing for a train ride where I can get motion sickness I can listen to audiobooks. A lot of books. The Lean Start Up by Eric Ries tells a lot in one book about examples of businesses that worked so hard to get where they are.

A particular subject that has been coming up a lot in our readings and advisements are “YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL” Now at the stages of creating a minimum valuable product, we learn that failure actually can make us grow. This technique of creating our product with just the basics of basics so that the audience and customers can understand the purpose and give feedback while using it is very productive. However, there are times that the MVP you created completely and utterly fails. As I was raised and have now realized is what every advisor is reminding us, “If you fall down, get back up on your feet.” This means that even if everything of your product went wrong, learn from it and always ask why.

Our MVP is having the struggles of material designs. We presented a cardboard version to the class and people question the integrity strength it would be capable of. Our discussion and actually letting people use it was extremely useful. When they said something didn’t work, we did not consider it a bad thing. Instead we were excited to create new improvements to become masters of our device.




Ries, E. (2011). The lean startup : How constant innovation creates radically successful businesses. London: Portfolio Penguin.



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