Communication; Non-verbal

I wanted to write about something I realized does not come east to everyone, communication. Throughout this year we have presented almost everything. Not everyone gets the chance to practice. Communication is key to social survival. However, something I never interrogated was non-verbal ques. While over 30% of communication, over 45% of communication is through … Continue reading Communication; Non-verbal

Looking to the Future

As this course has put my creativity into perspectives, so has my thoughts of the future. Before I get into what I would like to do next in life, I wanted to talk about a particular required articles that buzzed my interest. I have been evaluating myself against reality and purpose which brought me to … Continue reading Looking to the Future

Reflective Personal Development Journal

When approaching this module, I had discovered that it would be a beneficial to come with goals that would forward my creative management motivation. After our introduction to the module, I developed three creative aspirations to pursue. The First focus is to explore new managing techniques to self-motivate myself and learn how to engage them … Continue reading Reflective Personal Development Journal